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Our Consulting Services are best described as Business Development and Capital Raising Services.

We have been involved in business development and raising capital for many both Danish and International Companies.

We have worked with very early stage starup companies, SME´s and large international companies and projects, our sweet spot is SME´s, but we will look at most things and if the match isn’t perfect we are likely to be able to point you in the right direction.


Contact us for an informal talk about the program

Product and Concept


Where are you presently?

What needed to reach the next level?

Structure and plan

Prepare structure and business plan

Strategy and Market

Developing strategies, Products, Customers and Marked



Sourcing potential Investors




Our Team has many years experience in business development and financing. We have experience on all levels and following the business development process in detail.

We are experienced at the local and domestic level as well as internationally – our network is extensive and will benefit you greatly as a client.


We are ready when you are, we always look  forward to new challenges small as large.

Emergencies and crisis situations does not scare us, we have been through most and experience to get through urgent and tough situations. However prefer naturally having time to prepare things properly and make sure the process flows easily and efficiently.

Our retainer program is a way to have weekly or monthly sparring and brainstorming and together preempt challenges on the horizon.


Its always important to have an exit strategy- When you have a clear strategy its a lot easier to position the company the right way and maximise the value creation. Wether your are planning a sale, an IPO, merger or expect to grow the business yourself its smart to prepare for more than one option.

By developing an exit strategy early on you will be able to save both time and money when the time come and the right systems, processes and documentation already are in place.


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