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Our first thoughts when you come to us are who you are and where you want to go. Then it becomes what you need to get to the finish.

Starting and succeeding with a business or project is a little like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. When it comes to jigsaw puzzles, it is first and foremost important to know what the final product will look like. Have you ever put together a puzzle without having a clear idea of ​​the finished product? Then it is important to find out which pieces, how many to use and in what order to put them in order to complete it. It is the same with a company.

We specialize in analyzing a business and laying out a plan that will ensure that the goal is achieved, what elements are in place and what elements should either be corrected or found. We also have a lot of experience with what the order is to get to the finish. Doing things in the wrong order can be incredibly expensive and ineffective. We work from a holistic angle where we try to understand all the contexts, develop and fit the individual elements into the whole.

Our services include: Analysis, product development, organization of the organization, team creation, development of business plans and strategic plans, market research, customer research, digitization, image and concept development and future research – new trends within your industry.

Another angle of our services is related to raising capital by first making the company ready to start raising capital and then leading the financing process.

We are also involved in project financing where there is not an existing structure yet but a clear project that one would like to realize.

For Entrepreneurs and SME´s we have developed 3 courses: startup, pitch and capital, you can see the details under the sections events and products, we also offer a subscription services where you for a very reasonable price will be able to access our services.

In addition to the more common financing types, we have also developed a uniq program that solves one of the biggest problems startups and early companies have – namely friendly and smart capital

You can also find more information under Your Own Investment Company above choose depending on whether you are a private individual with the idea of ​​starting something, Startup entrepreneur or SMEs.

Contact us for further information. or +45 25 33 66 29

Initial Analysis

Purchase our initial analysis and receive some valuable feedback related to your status quo and potential.

We evaluate your business concept – product, customers and businessmodel in a report detailing our results and recommendations.


If you want our advise on a regular basis, we can offer you a subscription agreement.

You pay a set amount on a monthly basis and we consult with you based on the hours you need. with this program we offer a 20% – 30% discount to our regular rates based on the hours you will need.

Firm Offer or Time Spend.

We work either based on a firm offer or based on time worked.

We will be happy present you with a firm quote or a estimate based on the time we expect the job will take.

Contact us for a quote

Start-up Service
Consulting Solution with:

Initial Analysis

Development of business model

Business Plan

Preparation for raising Capital

Consulting Solution with:

Initial Analysis

Business model Analysis

Business Model Development

Preparation of Business Plan


Preparation for raising Capital


Do you need analysis and feedback on your status quo?

Its essential with a solid foundation and selfawareness

We assist you in getting there


Do you need sparring and brainstorming developing your concept?

Business model, Structure, Strategies, Resources

Get in shape before you raise capital


Are you ready to raise Capital?

Do you know how much you need and what kind of investor is right for you?

Vi assist with the fund-raising process, the structure, sourcing and screening investors, negotiations and closing.

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