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The focus of the team’s careers has been to innovate and streamline the process of starting and developing companies. Areas such as the creation of new financial products that increase business growth resources and minimize risk to stakeholders, develop effective processes and controls for corporate governance and financing, leverage hidden corporate resources, assist governments in developing and streamlining programs aimed at SMEs, and facilitating bureaucracy for existing businesses, including lobbying, participation in educational aspects and promoting new business models.

Our Team has been part of restructuring, reorganization and crisis management, developing new ideas and businesses and helping to grow existing businesses. We have studied the various elements and phases of value creation, products, services and processes for business.

Conceptualizing new businesses, preparing and evaluating business plans, developing and evaluating strategies, establishing operational procedures and monitoring performance, structuring and financing early phase, including procurement and obtaining various types of grants.

Founding partners in several successful companies and has held senior management positions in both private and public companies.

Significant experience in operations and management, including marketing especially in areas such as technology, retail, consumer products, publishing and media, services, clean energy projects and production.

Very deep and broad experience in finance; Seed, venture, mezzanine, investment banking, portfolio management, trade finance, real estate financing, securitization, financial structuring, derivatives, support and market maintenance. Structured, syndicated and negotiated financial products and finance with various banks and institutions for or on behalf of corporate clients and has served in positions in investment banking, private clients and private equity areas in several global institutions such as Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley.

Significant international experience from projects in the USA, Europe, Africa, South America and the Middle East.

Advised institutional investors as well as private and publicly owned companies in investment, project finance, mergers and sales.

Has consulted several governments and public authorities in foreign trade, finance and especially domestic investment, business and job creation.

Our team consists not only of our local staff but also of specialists and experts around the world that we can always draw upon when facing specific challenges where it is important with as deep and up-to-date knowledge as possible. This network is incredibly valuable when analyzing and determining the business model, for access to customers it is difficult to get through, while sourcing potential investors and not least when developing strategies. The last little detail that competitors do not have is very often the difference between whether or not they succeed.

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